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Masks Automated Discord Dice Interpreter & Explainer!

M.A.D.D.I.E is a Discord dice bot and rules engine for Masks: A New Generation by Magpie Games.

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Basic Functionality

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Maddie now supports and uses slash commands, which means she will helpfully suggest options and arguments. Simply type a slash "/" in to your discord channel and click on the Maddie icon to see what commands she supports.

Clicking or typing in one command, in this case "/basic" will give you all the options:

Character support

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You can create your own character using M.A.D.D.I.E, so she can use your own labels and conditions to accurately report rolls.

Get started with "/createcharacter" for the official playbooks, or "/createcharacter5p" for the Five Point Games supplements. After which M.A.D.D.I.E will prompt you for a playbook, character name, player name and your starting label increase.

Enhanced support for tracking a players moves etc is planned for future updates.

/editlabels allows you to do label shifts.

/condition allows you to mark and clear conditions.

/me shows your current information, such as Labels and Conditions, as well as show the entire party.

List of Supported Slash Commands:

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/basic allows you to do basic moves, if you have a character created that characters labels and conditions will be automatically applied.

/adult allows you to do adult moves, applying labels as above.

/other allows you do roll other moves, for use with custom moves such as Love Letters.

/playbooks and /playbooks5p display and interacts with playbook specific information, such as Moments of Truth and Vulnerabilities.

/team interacts with the team pool, allowing you to check, add, remove or empty from the team pool.

/*playbook* Each playbook has a specific command which includes all the moves from that playbook.

Legacy support

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Previously M.A.D.D.I.E used a series of typed commands to function. Whilst the majority of her functionality has now been ported to slash commands, a number of legacy commands remain functional as their new equivalent has not yet been implemented.

!createsettings en will create a configuration file in english. The other language supported is spanish (es). The is required for any of the below, or for team to work.

!update_lang es will change the language to the language sent.

!update_gm will set or update a gm for the adventure played in the chat.

!update_teamname will set or update the team name of young heroes.

!settings will return all the current settings saved.

!language will return the language that is set (just the short name, like en or es).

!teamname will return the name of the team.

!dicetoggle will turn the dice emoji that come along with a roll on/off (as requested) DEFAULT: True

Make advancements!

mov_my_playbook move_name will add the name with the accessor move_name (if it is from your playbook) to your moves.

mov_other_playbook move_name will do the same as the last command but for moves from another playbook.

rearrange 0 0 0 0 0 will set your label values (freak, danger, savior, superior, mundane) in order as long as:

  • none of those values is less than -2
  • none of those values is more than 3
  • the sum is one more than the sum of the previous values

more_roles defender friend will add more roles to the bulls heart. Only for BULL. The roles are:

  • defender
  • friend
  • listener
  • enabler

add_adult persuade will add the adult move specified.

more_to_labels danger freak will add one to both specified labels. Only for DELINQUENT.

clear_sign clears a doomsign. Only for DOOMED.

get_burns get the burns and three flares from the Nova. Only for DOOMED and NEWBORN.

mask_label freak will let you change your mask label. Only for JANUS.

get_drives will let you get the drives from the Beacon. Only for JANUS and REFORMED.

get_sanctuary lets you acquire a sanctuary from the Doomed. Only for LEGACY.

more_flares lets you add 3 more flares. Only for NOVA.

get_heart lets you get the Bulls heart. Only for NOVA.

get_mask lets you get the Janus secret identity and mask. Only for OUTSIDER and SCION.

mentor_label lets you add one to the label your mentor enbodies or denies. Only for PROTEGE.

more_resources lets you get more resources from your mentos. Only for PROTEGE.

get_mentor lets you get a mentor from the Protege. Only for innocent.

get_legacy lets you be a part of a superhero tradition. Only for STAR.

lock_soldier lets you lock the soldier label. Only for SOLDIER.


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Note that the moveset is stored in a very open JSON format and slash commands are dynamically generated from this, so we are potentially interested in adapting this for a variety of PBTA Systems. If you want to fork Maddie for any reason you are welcome to do so and we are happy to help individuals or teams develop things for other games.

Future enhancements

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Maddie runs on AWS for always on bot and character storage.

Work is ongoing on a connected web-based character management system.

Porting remaining functionality to slash commands.

Help us!

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Maddie survives and grows with the help of volunteers of all programming levels.

If you want to help or otherwise get in contact, please reach out through our project discord at You can also contact our primary developer and project founder, 'Harkano (Ross) #7019'.

You can also help by supporting us on Ko-fi which goes to cover AWS running costs.


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Special Graphics thanks to - Chordial#6969

Masks The New Generation is a Powered by the Apocalypse RPG designed by Brendan Conway and team @

The Worst Generation and The WAR Book are used courtesy of Five Points Games:

Privacy Policy

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The use of this application ("Bot") in a server requires the collection of some specific user data ("Data"). The Data collected includes, but is not limited to Discord user names, and messages sent to the bot. Use of the Bot is considered an agreement to the terms of this Policy.  Access to Data is only permitted to Bot's developers, and only in the scope required for the development, testing, and implementation of features for Bot. Data is not sold, provided to, or shared with any third party, except where required by law or a Terms of Service agreement.